Laser-Fireshow on big stage at Potsdamer Schlössernacht.

Fire and Laser

Brilliant spectacle of fire artistry and laser show


This combination of vibrant and spectacular fire juggling and modern laser show is an impressive experience. The choreographies of the fire artists interact with the laser light to create amazing illusions. Blazing flame images are framed by fascinating lightscapes, ensuring a visual fireworks display.

Thanks to the lasers, this show has a great long-distance effect and thus appeals from near and far, making it particularly suitable for large stages.

On request, brands names or company logos can also be displayed with the aid of laser technology.

A show production in cooperation with SPiCE Show Production.


IDEAL FOR town fairs, company parties, public events, city celebrations and large scale events

DURATION 20 Minutes



STAGE 6m depth x 8m width x 4m free space above

LIGHTS Colourful stage lights is recommended

LOGOS Individual customer logos can be integrated as desired.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR are both possible and recommended


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