Twins at a fireshow with fire hula-hoops.

Twin fire show “Dualuz“

Fiery show with the twin sisters


DUALUZ is girl-power in a double pack. This fire show lives from the fascinating and harmonious level of interaction that is only possible between twins. Perfect synchronicity is complemented by the individuality of each performer.

The (un)mistakable pair turns every stage into a show stage: radiant, lively and absolutely fiery.


IDEAL FOR corporate events, town fairs, cabaret festivals, weddings, private events, public events, themed events and Christmas parties.

DURATION 20 minutes


STAGE 6m depth x 8m width x 4m free space above

LIGHTS We recommend a dark but yet colourful atmosphere

LOGOS Individual customer logos can be integrated as desired.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR are both possible and recommended

“Dear Lange sisters, we still reminisce about this wonderful highlight. It was magical. Thanks again. We wish you lots of fiery moments and satisfied customers as we were. "

Katrin und Thomas Gaede · Potsdam


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