Premiere Flash

Phantasialand, Brühl

One of this year´s highlights is the development of our new 4-person LED show "Flash“. It was made possible after our collegue Thomas Johansson moved to Berlin in April to become a full-time member of LOOOOP.

We celebrated the premiere of the show for the 50th anniversary of Alliance. It took place in one of the most fascinating and extraordinary locations we have ever seen - Im Phantasialand in Brühl. Roller coasters were above people's heads. A very memorable premiere!

Past Events

October 11th & 12th 2020
Heringsdorf, Usedom

In Octobre we had the pleasure of going to Usedom for the event "Parkzauber". Despite strict Chorona hygiene requirements, the organizer of "Kaiserbäder Usedom" managed to organize a lovely, safe outdoor event. The Goethepark in Heringsdorf was beautifully illuminated and decorated.

We played our shows, light show and fire show, on 4 different stages in order to distribute the audience as best as possible over the area.

And we had the pleasure of taking out our seahorse for a walk. It felt very comfortable in the sea climate and especially the children loved it.

It was a wonderful event and the organizers showed that outdoor culture is possible in times of pandemic. Thank you!


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