Fireshow at night with big sparcle effect and firejuggler.

Benefit Fireshow


This weekend we traveled to the small town of Körba in Brandenburg to contribute for a heart project. The small lake there has been drying up for years and the initiative “Rettet den Körbaer Teich” anounced the charity event “Körbaer Teich in Flammen” to collect donations for a new pump.

The event was a total success. A lot of people followed the call and came to see our fireshow and to support the project.

The visitors were extremely generous when it came to the hat money and all of the proceeds went to the initiative as a donation.

Good luck Körba!

Past Events

Septembre 25th 2021
Frauenkirche Dresden

For the anniversary event of the QF Passage in Dresden, LOOOOP and Mosaique performed together with walk acts and the fire and air show Illuminair.

Our baroque "grandes Dames" fit perfectly with the historical backdrop of the Dresden Frauenkirche. And "Bubble Man" let giant soap bubbles in the air. The scenery was perfect!

At night we played a fusion of aerial art and fire show at lofty heights!


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