Fireshow with fire effect.


Fireshow for the crowning glory of the evening

General information of our shows

Fire fascinates and inspires! In our shows we combine fire artistry and fire dance with sophisticated choreographies and fantastic fire effects. A good portion of entertainment and charm is always there. For over 10 years we have been working with the element of fire and have developed our very special LOOOOP style.

For those who want it to be really spectacular, we are happy to expand our shows with LED visuals, pyro effects, flame projectors or a fire laser show.

For what occasion is a fire show suitable for? Wherever a crowning highlight should inspire the guests. The romantic wedding fire show for the most beautiful day in life, a crisp show act for the company party, a brilliant large-scale spectacle with fire and aerial artistry for the city festival or the lively 20s show for stylish celebrations.

We would be happy to advise you on choosing the ideal show for you!

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